3 different babymatresses with high-quality double cloth

• Scientifically testet by Ergocheck
• Innovative cold- and viscofoam, free of fillings
• All used materials are certified and non-toxic
• Well suitable for allergic persons
• Recreative Sleep
• Cloth huddles against skin because of high shares of fibre
• Because of the high durability you can wash the cover very often
• Very attractive cover with decorative small bears


• Height of core 7 cm, total height 8 cm
• Plain core with open cell structure
• Density 35/30 kg/m³
• Ökotex Standard 100
• Productclass 1 – Babynorm
• Plain, unquilted


• Height of core 7 cm, total height 9 cm
• Babymattress with very high lyingcomfort
• Pointelastic by high-quality coldfoam 35/34 kg/m³ and especially comb-structure
• High-quality, breathable cold foam with open cell-structure and comb pattern for
perfect ventilation and breathability
• High air circulation becaus of comb-core, reduces CO2-rebreathing and overheating
• Very stable step edges (26/65 kg/m³)
• Quilted on both sides with polyester fibre


• High-quality coldfoam-mattress with visco topper – total height 11 cm
• 8 cm supporting cold foam (40/31 kg/m³)
• 2 cm thermoelastic pressure relieving viscofoam (50 kg/m³)
• Highest sleep comfort by pressure relieving properties and therefor support of
blood circulation
• Intelligent foam which adapts to body warmth
• 2-sides-system – mattress can be turned over and has
a harder side when mattress is used as crib
• 2-Seiten-System – Matratze kann gewendet werden,
hat dadurch härtere Seite wenn die Matratze als
kinderbett verwendet wird
• One side quilted, one side unquilted with breathable
climate border